Posted Mar 11, 2013

This is a comprehensive list of fields that SGESC/FUSION teams may be able to use for practices or games. We are allowed the use of these fields through the generous allowances made by both Bethel and Eatonville School Districts. Please respect these fields as if they were your own.  Please make sure all garbage and recycling wind up in the appropriate places, observe all rules and regulations regarding food, drinks, pets, and most importantly, all of our fields are on school property which are cigarette, drug, alcohol, and weapon free zones. Other events or organizations may have priority over SGE, so please understand that the field you use today might not be available next week, month, or year. We will try to let you know of any conflicts with your practices and games, but we may not be made aware of everything. Thank you for your understanding.

You are only allowed to use fields that have been assigned to you by the VP of Games. Just becasue a field may be unoccupied does not mean you can use it. For any questions regarding field use, please contact Chris Towns.

All fields may be found on our Google Maps Directory found here.

Art Crate Stadium - Bethel H.S. - Art Crate Field Regulations
22215 38th Avenue East
Spanaway, WA 98387-6824

Bethel Jr High - Field map available here.
22001 38th Avenue East
Spanaway, WA 98387-6823

Graham-Kapowsin High School - One full field available in front by parking lot
22100 108th Avenue East
Graham, WA 98338-8871

Kapowsin Elementary
10412 264th Street East
Graham, WA 98338-8795

Northstar Elementary - Full Field (No Goals)
7719 224th Street East
Graham, WA 98338-7361

Eatonville Middle School
207 Carter Street East
Eatonville, WA 98328

Cedarcrest Jr. High
19120 13th Avenue Court East
Spanaway, WA 98387-7963

Spanaway Lake HS
1305 168th St E
Spanaway, WA 98387-5906

Centennial Elementary School - Full field
24323 54th Avenue East
Graham, WA 98338-9549